About us

Art&Deal Guru is a team of experts who love and understand art.

Do we know everything about art? Of course, not! It is endless, and if there is any slight chance there is an end point such point is inexpressible.
But we do know a lot about works of art. We know what is valuable and what is superficial. We can provide help in selecting such pieces of art, which would supplement a collection, and in recommending what to leave for others. We show how to create a personal art space and what to begin with. Without understanding such practical things in the world of art, one can easily get lost.
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Art + Design

A comprehensive service in selecting pieces of art
  • Special terms and discounts for architects and designers

  • We select objects of art for any interior, within the limits of any budget, from an unlimited data bank of artists in Russia and all over the world

  • Works of modern artists and art objects 19-20 centuries



Amassing and Managing Collections
Art&Deal Guru helps to create and complement both private and corporate collections. We cooperate with art experts of the leading Russian museums, art market specialists of the world level. Our objective is not only to gather pieces of art into a valuable collection correctly and responsibly, but to supplement it, improve it and solve the matters of restoration, expert review, execution, participation in auctions.