Building Corporate Collections

The practice of corporate collections in Russia becomes common gradually. For instance, UniCredit Bank is one of those entities which can boast with impressive art collections: it has Russias only collection of art and graphic works of Russian artists of 1920-1930s and the collection of the so-called post avant-garde. It may very well be that the culture of corporate collections emerged in banks. But, as of today, Russian industrial companies and major international corporations are interested in pieces of art as well. Our team is ready to render assistance in creating and complementing corporate collections of any theme and direction.

Today, art can be easily called a full-fledged communication tool in business. The presence of works of art in the companys office is an upright expression of its social policy and high status.

Any successful businessman is strongly attracted by art, is a collector, thus sets a trend of good taste in society.

A finished corporate collection will become an expression of the companys philosophy and history of development.

Arranging and hosting thematic cultural and educational events will allow making a new statement about the high status of your company or celebrating special developments for you.

Purchase and sale of works of art: confidential representation of the sellers/buyers interests during cooperation with galleries, private collectors and auction houses.

Art gifts: a sophisticated approach to selecting gifts based on works of modern and antiquarian art.

Additional services: Storing, delivering, insuring works of art, restoring and framing them, marketing actions to increase the price of the works of art, selling such works at western or Russian actions, getting credits secured on works of art.

Art Consierge is a service for private banking units of commercial banks and VIP clients of companies. Investments in art and cultural events. Experts in modern and antique art will inform the clients of the latest trends in the world of art and will bring them up to date on relevant cultural events. The will help to develop art programs and carry out tours in galleries and museums.