Modern Art

Amassing unique collections of the modern art.

We do not neglect modern art. Sometimes works of modern art are no worse in terms of value and price than other works of the 20th century. And if you recall the Fountain by Duchamp sold for one million US dollars, when the price issue is concerned, this is far from the only example. However we are talking about not only about the material aspect, not at all.


By collecting works of modern art, we gather symbols and images of the world and the society we live in. We seek to support young Russian modern artists. It is very important that support of modern authors will become a good tradition like it happened in Europe, Arab countries, Asian countries, where, today, any successful businessman aspires for art, is a collector and sets a trend of good taste in society and preserves the history of his or her country.

An artist in the modern world is a philosopher who describes - via artistic forms and symbols - what happens in the modern world, how culture transforms and how the life of an individual changes, what he or she is interested in and cares about.  

The practice of corporate collections is gradually becoming something of a common practice in Russia. Restaurants, offices of major corporations, even clinics and hospitals show their interest in works of art. Our team is ready to render assistance in creating and complementing corporate collections of any theme and direction.

It is important for us to set the good example for the community in reviving the aspiration to support modern Russian artists by creating both corporate and private collections.