Expert Review. Restoration. Auctions

Supporting collections at auctions is a separate work which we gladly do as well. Our main goal is not only to represent a collector or a collection in bids, but, first and foremost, find an auction and arrange participation. We take into account the art markets peculiarities, where, most often, only part of auctions are held officially with many transactions made privately.

Restoration. We work only with professional restorers who have saved and renovated dozens of masterpieces on a par with highest quality standards. Our masters carry out technical restoration, i.e. removal of physical deformations of canvases, unevenness caused by imperfect storage and reckless transportation of pictures, as well as artistic restoration of canvases in case of the lacquered layers darkening or loss of an initial contrast of the paint layer.

Execution. Any work of art must be looking good in the interior. We put canvases in fillets and propose designer solutions to display the picture in an existing interior as harmoniously as possible.

Expert review. With the help of our partners highly qualified experts in different fields of art - we are always ready and willing to render expert review services.