Amassing and Managing Private Collections

Amassing and Managing Private Collections

Gathering a truly unique collection of works of art is not an easy task. As a rule it takes an entire team of art market professionals consultants, art experts, lawyers to amass a collection.

Art&Deal Guru helps to create and complement both private and corporate collections. We cooperate with art experts of the leading Russian museums, art market specialists of the world level. Our objective is not only to gather pieces of art into a valuable collection correctly and responsibly, but to supplement it, improve it and solve the matters of restoration, expert review, execution, participation in auctions.

We offer supervisory services and arrangement of exhibitions, based on private collections, to our individual clients; exhibiting collections without any risks for their owner to great delight of the public: the world must see items of cultural and artistic heritage.

Building collections for beginning collectors: consultations and help in selecting themes and directions; development of the concept of the collections extension and its level growth. Managing the existing collection: evaluation of the cost of works in the collection, expert review, restoration, examination of the works provenance, publishing a catalogue featuring a collection (private collection or a collection to be presented at an art exhibition).

We can provide the collections conversion plan including the purchase and sale of the works. And, if necessary, a comparative analysis can be made studying the price of similar objects of art or works which were sold at auctions earlier.

Consultations by independent specialists might be rendered as well.

Purchase and sale of works of art: confidential representation of the sellers/buyers interests during cooperation with galleries, private collectors and auction houses.   

Investments in art: Consultations on investments in antiquarian works of art. Gathering an own set based on terms, budget and goals. Defining investments risks, price range fairness and an outlook for the market price. 

Additional services: Storing, delivering, insuring works of art, restoring and framing them, marketing actions to increase the price of the works of art, selling such works at western or Russian actions, getting credits secured on works of art.