Art&Deal Guru is a team of experts who love and understand art. 

Do we know everything about art? Of course, not! It is endless, and if there is any slight chance there is an end point such point is inexpressible.

But we do know a lot about works of art. We know what is valuable and what is superficial. We can provide help in selecting such pieces of art, which would supplement a collection, and in recommending what to leave for others. We show how to create a personal art space and what to begin with. Without understanding such practical things in the world of art, one can easily get lost.  

We have a talent, an experience, an objective and a mission.

Our talent is to find works of art which do not lie on the surface and which bypassed catalogues of fashionable galleries. This is a true passion: to use all resources closed collections, workshops - to find something hardly accessible, something only you will have in your collection.  

We have more than a ten-year experience in the art market and we gained respect of many of our clients.  You will find an experienced expert and a reliable business partner in Art$Deal Guru. Being involved in education and consultation, supporting private collections, we assist the collectors in creating unique gatherings of pieces of art of the 20th and 21st centuries. We are aware of what is available in Russian and foreign galleries and we know where to find something they do not have.

Our objective is to popularize art and preserve it; to restore and verify authenticity of works of art, we attract professional restorers and experts. We help to sell works of art by participating in bids, attracting marketing specialists to increase their price; arrange exhibitions and cooperate with well-known art experts.  

Our mission is to fill minds and lives with art.

You have a unique set of art solutions at your service a comprehensive selection of pieces of art. If you want to furnish an office or a living room in your house we will do that from scratch. We will create a project and implement it for you.

The main question remains: why are we doing this?

We believe that art is not just hollow letters in catalogues. Art is not some nice items at exhibitions and storages. Art is life. And this means that it is vitally important for all of us.

By surrounding yourself with worthy pieces of art, a person absolutely changes his or her quality of life and mindset.

Become closer to art with Art&Deal Guru.