Business as Art exhibition

The Business as Art two-day exhibition was held in Radisson Royal Hotel (Ukraine) as part of an anniversary convocation of the Business Russia NGO and the Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) on October 17-18, 2016.

The artistic exposition was one of the most visited venues during the convocation. More than 700 people visited it, including co-chairpersons, members of general and regional boards, international partners of Business Russia, as well as government officials, business ambassadors and guests of the capital. 

The diversity of works displayed by modern artists boggle imagination with their innovativeness. A triptych by Alexei Alpatov, Jetty No. 5-6, was the most popular object of attention. The artist devoted his series of three pictures to facilities of Trest Zapsibgidrostroy. According to the guests, construction facilities in artistic execution allow looking at everyday things in a different way, diving in a new world of inspiration coming from human’s accomplishments.

Actually none of those who attended the convocation failed to be moved. Tatyana Mineeva, a vice-president of Business Russia, said:  “Business and art seem to be incompatible and wonderfully exist separately from each other. But one could see those touch points of artists and entrepreneurs at the exhibition. It has always been interesting to see the world of business, something very usual for me, through the eyes of representatives of modern art. It was of course a very special venue, where each member of our organization from 78 Russian regions got a huge portion of inspiration. I hope that the number of projects reflecting relations of business and art so exquisitely will be growing in our country!”

“Creation of environment, where business and art find merge points, where business activity is unimaginable without powerful visual solutions, and where artistic environment gets inspiration from business and inspires it at the same time – that is the exhibition’s mission,” Alexei Goncharov, a Trest Zapsibgidrostroy business development director and a member of its general board, said.  

“This exhibition is an exclusive gift to participants in Business Russia’s anniversary convocation, which greatly supplemented the event’s business program. The exhibition’s organizers underlined that synergy of ideas, searches, views is important both in the Russian modern art and business. These searches are in a constant development. For me this exhibition is one of the best examples of a Russian entrepreneur, a spiritually rich individual, who educated himself and who is ready to share his resource with the society. This definitely facilitates the development of the country in general. It is very important that such initiatives emerge!” Anna Lupashko, a member of Business Russia’s general board, highlighted.

Yulia Malinina, Natalya Savelyeva, Aleksei Alpatov, Eduard Anikonov, Vladimir Semensky, Maria Semenskaya, Aleksandr Votsmush, Yuri Grigoryan, Darya Rybina, - artists, whose works can be found in private collections both in Russia and abroad, exhibitions and auctions, were invited to take part in the Business as Art exhibition.

We are happy that we could contribute to the execution of an idea of mergence of business and art, became part of the process, which is gaining momentum: business circles promote growth and prosperity of modern art more and more actively and works of artists become of a reflection of transformations which the business and the society, in general, go through.

In fact, the boundary between business and art is only a seeming one, a stereotype on two completely different spheres must pass into history. Today, as never before, businessmen and businesswomen need creative talents – an ability to think outside the box, come up with bright solutions, search for new forms, instruments, symbols, ideas. It is vitally important for artists to create works of art which people will see, write for the “drawer”, be in demand, translate new messages to the largest audience possible. And the same mechanisms are applied here as in business. 

While working on the Business as Art exhibition we gained a lot of support, understanding, participation, found like-minded persons. We would like to express gratitude to all the people who breathed life into this project.

Through joint efforts we created a precedent, which, hopefully, will lay foundation to a good tradition. Meetings, communication, cooperation of representatives of business and artistic circles must be regular and more fruitful.

Supervision, execution and production done by Art&Deal Guru.

Supported by Trest Zapsibgidrostroy, LLC and Business Russia NGO.

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