Natalya Ryabovas Personal Exhibition, Freyja, in Orange 3 Restaurant

It happened slowly, from the doorway, you get carried away to an extremely bright, colorful and tasty history of Natalya Ryabovas artistic world! A live interior! A silky mastery of writing! Warmth and a multifaceted palette of paints! A fabulous flair and a provoking sloppiness of portraits? Does not that appeal to you and make you debate about something beautiful?

An explosion of wonderful emotions took part on April 22. The guests of the opening of Natalya Ryabovas exhibition were shown exclusive works inspired by sunny Italy where the artist created them!

Nano Vodka Welcome Bar held a presentation and tasting of RADUGA, the worlds first vodka with a 100 percent smooth flavor.

A bright art performance by wonderful artists Natalya Ryabova and Ekaterian Preis was shown to guests in the middle of the evening.

Later, our partner Rolls Royce Avilon held a draw contest where the winner got a certificate worth one million rubles.

The evening was concluded by Chef Sauli Kemppainer with his dessert show from MOSCOW MULE DESSERT.

Our guests, who for several hours, left their flights, work, business meetings and everyday stuff in this evening, came to the event with their friends, partners and significant others and had a great time. 

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