Auction exhibition of artist Anastasiya Loginova, #AllSenses

26 мая в ресторане Siberia Moscow совместно с компанией Art&Deal guru прошла выставка-аукцион художника Анастасии Логиновой. Она представила семь своих лучших работ. Kill me slowly, Burn me, Orchid – вот такие названия дает автор своим картинам. Анастасия Логинова пишет искренне о самом откровенном. Красота обнаженного женского тела, цветы, источающие секрет, - всё это присутствует в каждой картине Анастасии. Основная тема ее работ – изучение гендерных отношений через проявления сексуальности. Художник призналась, что ее картины - ее вторая реальность. Вдох - чувства. Выдох - картина.

Jointly with Art&Deal Guru, Siberia Moscow hosted the auction exhibition of artist Anastasiya Loginova on May 26, 2016. She presented seven of her best works: Kill Me Slowly, Burn Me, Orchid; these are some of the names the author gives to her pictures. Anasyasiya Loginova writes sincerely about the most explicit. The beauty of a naked woman’s body, flowers emitting secrets - all of this is present in each picture of Anastasiya. The main topic of her pictures is studying gender relations through displaying sexuality. The artist confessed that her pictures are her second reality. Inhale – feelings. Exhale – picture. 

The intriguing atmosphere in the restaurant was in line with the décor: subdued lighting, natural flowers in vases everywhere, candles. Extravagant women wearing leather outfits were meeting guests at an entrance to a hall.

Guests included: Evgeniya Gladkina, Tatyana Ozerdem, Mariya Bogomaz, Ekaterina Skudina, Marina Berlin, Oksana Zubitskaya, Irina Mukhina, Rasim Akperov, Darya Gauzer, Izeta Gadzhieva. 

Jewelry company Doguma was responsible for a bright shining of precious stones at the exhibition. Denis Nesterov is the company’s founder and owner. DENIS KARTASHEV MAKE UP ACADEMY was doing the make-up of dancers. Denis Kartashev – a make-up artist, a stylist, world renowned master, is the academy’s founder. Maison T&T provided savory presents to guests, leather harnesses. Avilon, Bentley’s official dealer, was the exhibition’s partner.   
The dance art show was staged by Irina Povoroznyuk, a celebrity choreographer who participated in Eurovision, Novaya Volna (New Wave), Pesnya Goda (Song of the Year), Odin v odin! (Russian analogue of Your Face Sounds Familiar show) projects; she also works in Academy of popular music from Igor Krutoy; and was recognized as the best in hip-hop by leading US choreographers.

Grape Premium Wines & Spirits supported the event with alcohol drinks.

Information partners: SNCMedia and WF - World Fashion Channel.

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